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Category: Featured Plants Plant Type: Paraformaldehyde
Manufacturer: 10,000 TPY Paraformaldehyde Plant Capacity: 10,000 TPY Paraformaldehyde Plant
Description: 10.000 t/a PARAFORMALDEHYDE ( PFA ) built 2011 shutdown 2016 The plant could produce 8.000 t/year Paraformaldehyde solid type ( flakes) and 2.000 t high concentrated formaldehyde at 55% liquid which is a stabilized with Methanol ( Elcoform ) . Main Equipment: Evaporator ( Concentration ) with absorption column Common Vacuum system for Evaporator and Column Flash evaporator with 16 tubes total, 4 rooms, with 4 tubes each VOMM turbo dryer to increase the polymerization grade Reactor to add Methanol SBS belt flaker with rolldrop system producing flakes 20 m long, 1,2 m wide , fully covered Big Bag filling with 3 Big Bag holders, conveyors etc. all ATEX Wet Scrubber
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