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Category: Featured Plants Plant Type: Formaldehyde
Manufacturer: Montecatini (Montedison) Capacity: 100,000 TPY Formaldehyde Plant
Description: Plant has four production lines, each one with double reactors. First production line was built in years 70’s. During years other production lines were installed and the fourth line, last one, was implemented in years 80’s ending. Plant was shut-down in year 2012. Plant total capacity was around 100,000 tons/year. Plant has a DCS control system, manufactured by Yokogawa. Equipment conservation status is good. Equipment materials of construction are: carbon steel mainly, stainless steel 304 and 316. Other production units and equipment, connected to main plant, also available at same site, is a liquid urea formaldehyde resins production unit. The four production units, named FOR 1 – FOR 2 – FOR 3 – FOR 4, are completely independent from each other. Specific unit capacities, expressed as aqueous solution of formaldehyde 36wt%, are: FOR 1 32.500 TPY FOR 2 25.000 TPY FOR 3 25.000 TPY FOR 4 35.000 TPY
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