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Category: Featured Plants Plant Type: Coating Line
Manufacturer: New Era Capacity: Coating Line For Sale
Description: This coater process is intended to produce thin, uniform, coatings on various web substrates in a clean room environment. Aqueous & flammable liquid capability. 50 to 400 (0.5 to 4.0 mil) gage thickness. 30 inches to 101 inches coating width 50 to 200 gage film will be 48 to 105” wide Line speed range from 30 to 300 fpm (10-100 m/min). Two shaft-less, dual spindle, automatic splice unwinds, one for a primary base sheet, and one for a secondary cover sheet. Two modular coating stations with complete fluids transfer system for both. 120 feet total length, flotation dryer Coat-dry (3 zones) + coat-dry (3 zones); or coat-dry (6 zones) configuration Dryers may be heated with Steam or Oil-to-Air heating system Hot oil supply up to 600 °F (see Hot Oil System) (Note: solvent abatement equipment is not included.) Winder, shaft-less, dual spindle, automatic splicing. ISO Class 5-6 Cleanliness machine elements and enclosures. Heated roll laminator/embosser Raw material and roll handling system and equipment Complete HVAC and cleanroom equipment Building and support facilities Hot Oil System 15MM Btu/hr, natural gas fired combustion system Therminol 59 heat transfer fluid for (6) dryer zones Oil temperatures up to 600 °F flow rate of 760 gpm
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