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Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co., L.L.C.

Category: Featured Plants Plant Type: Hydrogen
Manufacturer: Hydro-Chem Capacity: Unused 7.5 MMSCFD Hydrogen Plant
Description: Unused 7.5 MMSCFD This plant is designed to produce high purity, gaseous hydrogen and steam as follows: Hydrogen Flow (as pure H2) MMSCFD 7.5 Purity, mol % min 99.9 Impurities, ppmv max CO 10 Pressure, psig 250 Temperature, F 100 A standard cubic foot (SCF) is the volume measured at 60F and one atmosphere absolute. Export Steam Pressure, psig min 200 Temperature F Saturated steam at 330 psig will be let down to the above pressure. The export steam will have a maximum solids level of 5 ppm and contain trace levels of methanol and ammonia.
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