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Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co., L.L.C.

Category: Featured Plants Plant Type: Distillation Column System
Manufacturer: Miscellaneous Capacity: Distillation Column System
Description: Distillation Column System for Sale. Highlighted Items include: 106169 DMAC Column; 5 x 70 bottom section; 36 x 26 Top section Kopetz 316L SS trayed column; S/N 98098; NB 1593 106170 DMAC Column condenser 3098 sq. ft. Koptez 316SS tube, shell and heads; S/N 98100; NB 1586 106171 Waste Column 475 gallon Kopetz; 316SS vertical jacketed pressure vessel; S/N 94025; NB 1178 106172 Waste Column Reboiler 45 sq. ft. Doyle and Roth; 316SS tubes and heads; CS shell heat exchanger; S/N J7475-3; NB 16748