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Category: Featured Plants Plant Type: Urea
Manufacturer: Norsk-Hydro Capacity: 850 - 1000 TPD Urea Granulation
Description: The unit was designed and constructed by Hydr Agri (YARA) in 1993 and recently stopped operating. In the fluid bed granulation process, granular urea is produced by spraying molten urea onto seed material in the fluidization state. The basic characteristics of this process are: (1) The liquid urea is a concentrated solution (94-98%, averages 96%) and not a melt; (2) The spraying occurs in the core of a fluidized layer by means of a large number of spray heads; (3) the particle size enlargement is achieved by accretion; and (4) UFC-85 (formaldehyde/urea solution) is added to the urea solution before spraying as a process aid and an anticaking agent.
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